On Site Massage

Is an acupressure massage, which takes approximately 20 minutes, can be carried out in the workplace, the client is fully clothed, no oils are used and they are seated in an ergonomic chair. It mainly concentrates on the upper body, arms, back and neck. The intention of On Site Massage is to promote a sense of well-being. It is a relaxing and revitalising treatment. Tense muscles relax, blood circulation is increased and the organs of the body are tonified. Benefits of On Site Massage To Employees

• Employees return to work refreshed, relaxed and focused.

• Provides instant relief from long hours sitting at a desk.

• Invigorates and improves the overall well-being of staff thus preventing burnout.

• Improves the functioning of the immune system.

• Help employees avoid injuries and mistakes caused by excess stress.

• We recognise that the success of a company is dependant on its workforce.

• We believe that today’s most successful companies will be those which incorporate employee well-being programmes, demonstrating their active commitment to the health of their employees.

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