Stress Management

What is stress? There are two, separate but closely linked, elements to stress – the physical and the psychological.

At the psychological level stress is most simply described as a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope. This leads to frustration, despondency and a sense of poor self-esteem. This can result in poor work performance and problems with relationships both at work and at home. It is both unpleasant and unproductive.

Stress related problems can reduce business profits by up to 10%. Current estimates suggest that UK employers lose 20 billion pounds from missed deadlines, sick pay and poor performance” The Times Absence from work caused by stress cost British business’s £10.2 billion in 1998″ The Confederation of British Industry survey Stress Management Different for everyone, stress management will not be the same for every individual, because it is based on our ability to tolerate it or deal with it, and that varies enormously.

There is much derived from time spent in the office or regular workplace and people must learn the symptoms and so maybe the relief. Stress is also addictive and whilst some situations may be seen as stressful by most people, their ability to cope may depend on whether they have friends and family to offer support and what other problems they have in their life. But the good news is that it is possible to increase the tolerance that you have for stress and learn coping mechanisms to use when you need to relax. The first key is to recognise stress in yourself and in your colleagues. Acknowledging the problem means that you can begin to deal with it.

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