Natural Nail And Nail Enhancements

Our hands do a lot for us and need nurturing in return. A manicure can improve nail and skin condition. In a professional manicure nails are gently shaped then the nail plate cleaned with either non-drying polish removers or special soaks. Cuticles are massaged to soften and moisturise them. Some manicures include hands and forearms massage. The cuticles should be gently pushed back and trimmed if necessary. Nails are then filed over and are ready for a protective base coat or nail treatment before the polish is applied. After two coats of glossy colour a top coat is painted or sprayed on. The result – beautiful hands!
If you’ve never been happy with your own nails, this could be the answer. A perfect set of long nails, beautifully polished, can be yours. Arylics are popular and your nail technician will recommend the best option for you. The treatment should begin with a full consultation taking into account lifestyle, your commitment to maintenance and the state of the natural nail.

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