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We are a fully licensed salon and have Allisun Sunvision beds.
0.3 Compliant and are interspersed with Red LED Skin Therapy tubes.

In 2003 a European Standard on UV radiation levels was introduced which was followed in 2009 with new regulations limiting the amount of UV radiaton permitted in tanning equipment in the UK to no more than 0.3 watts of energy per square metre.

This new UV output limit is recognised as being safe by the government and the regulation is therefore intended to ensure users of tanning equipment are unlikely to over expose themselves to UV and burn.

Please be aware that any person under 18 is not permitted to use beds in Scotland.  Production of I.D. may be required if requested by staff and a tanning questionaire must be completed.

A selection of goggles and creams are available to purchase within the salon.

Spray Tan
Scottish Hair & Beauty Award Winner – Fake Bake Therapist of the Year

In just minutes you can have an amazingly natural looking, long lasting, affordable safe tan with Fake Bake.

Fake Bake is a revolutionary tanning system which offers you all the above and more…..

Available in 4 Amazing Spray Tan Solutions

Original/Gold/Dark/60 Minute
•Amazing Results Instantly
•Full body treatment in 10 minutes
•To up treatments 5 minutes
•The safe natural looking alternative to sunbathing and solarium tanning
•Works on all skin types, even very pale complexions that have never been able to tan before!
•Fantastic for everyday or for special occasionsIdeal for obtaining a tan before you go on holiday and for maintaining a tanned complexion when you return!
•No more nasty streaks and patches usually associated with self tanning products
•No UV rays and no risk of sunburn
•No SPF’s so sunbathing and solarium compatible.
•Fake Bake cyclone dries as it applies
•Fake Bake uses the latest technology in spray-on tanning
•Affordable, instant, perfect tan from Fake Bake.

It's all about you.
Each treatment is bespoke, whether its Skin, Brows, Make-up or a Holistic Therapy, its all about you.
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