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JL Formulations – Scientifically proven anti-ageing skincare


Not only natural but science led……from Glycolic cleansers, rejuvenating skin masks, skin scrubs, anti-ageing moisturiser and eye creams, SPF 30 tinted moisturiser and Skin Changing Serums, including slow released Retinol.   JL Formulations is a Cosmeceutical brand, which means it does not just work on the outer layer of the skin, it starts to waken and change the skin cells to help turn back the clock.

Products not tested on animals

Mini Facial

A 20 minute kick start facial for your skin
Eliminates dead skin cells
Softens lines and wrinkles
Stimulates Collagen
Deeply moisturises

Refresh Facial
Imagine a facial that does exactly as it says in the title, Refresh.  If your skin is lack lustre, dehydrated, showing the signs of ageing this is the facial for you.  45 Mins of Relaxation which includes facial, hand & arm massages plus skin changing formulas.

The Lift
A Facial which includes the most up to date anti-ageing & lifting facial massage, helping to stimulate blood flow and tone your facial muscles whilst the skin changing formulas work to give you a visible youthful glow.

ZEN Facial
This is the Ultimate Sensory Facial.
A facial designed to take your mind on a journey of relaxation.
A facial that not only brings out the best in your skin but combines warm and fresh aromas whilst massaging shoulders, arms, hands, feet & scalp to help you completely unwind.

1 and a half hours of Pure Bliss

Glycolic Peels
Your lunchtime skin changer

If you are worrying about open pores, aging or acne prone your skin, a Glycolic Peel helps to speed up the exfoliation process.  As you age your skin has a harder time turning over new skin cells, particularly on the face. The regeneration still happens, but at much slower pace than when youre younger.

Glycolic acid works as an exfoliant. Because its highly acidic but is also highly soluble, it goes under the damaged areas of the skin and essentially takes off the top layer of skin. When washed off, it leaves behind smoother skin that is also more youthful looking.

Glycolic acid is also found in many acne treatments. By removing that top layer of skin, the newer (healthier) skin below the acne layer can be revealed, resulting in less oily and acne-prone skin.

The level of acidity is determined by the product used and is tailored to the individual after consultation

A course of  Treatments are recommended for best results.

Rapid Rejuvenation Therapy
An advanced Facial that does exactly as the name implies….. Rejuvenates…..Rapidly.

It includes a retinol peel, a lymphatic drainage massage, a retinol mask, microneedling with cross linked hylauronic acid and aftercare to boost the effects.

The fabulous cocktain of Vitamin A and Microneedling stimulates collagen and elastin, evens out the skin tone, de puffs, removes toxins and hydrates.

by Blows and Blush (Caitlin)

Get your Glam on for all your Party Nights, Occasions or your weekend night out.

From a natural look to full on glamour.

Caitlin also works mobile in the Glasgow, Airdrie and Coatbridge area where she also provides Big Bouncy Blow Drys to complete your look.

Please contact her on facebook, Blows & Blush or instagram @blowsandblush to book your appointment.
Today more than ever Men are taking care of their appearance.We have a number of treatments and retail products exclusively for men.

Prepare for a holiday, going to the gym, special occasion or just to maintain a smooth body line.

Energising and Anti-Ageing – Using JL Formulations products created for the specific needs of mens skin.

Obtain an all over tan in 10 minutes with Fake Bake Spray Tan.

Tailored to your requirements. Deep Tissue Massage (like Sports Massage) working deeper into the tissue and muscle, LAVA Shell or Aromatherapy helsp to Relieve stress and tension leaving you relaxed and revitalised.

Can complete the personal grooming regime, giving that smart, confident appearance.

Facial Rejevenation
Look years younger without surgery – We provide a full range of treatments including wrinkle relaxing injections and dermal fillers.
Warm waxing
This involves using a naturally derived honey wax which is warmed and applied with a spatula onto pre cleansed skin.

Brows/Lip/Chin/Face/Underarm/Full Arm/Bikini/Abdomen/Half or Full Leg

Half Works
Includes Brows/Underarm/Bikini/Half Leg

Full Works
Includes: Brows/Underarm/Bikini/Full Leg

Hot Waxing
Mainly used for sensitive areas, e.g. Intimate Waxing or for clients who may be a little apprehensive or for shorter hair growth.Coconut & Lime Hot Wax is a creamy soft lime colour it’s perfumed with a tropical coconut scent – the Island Paradise Wax!

The wax is extremely gentle and remains very pliable during treatments, its delicate formula leaves skin so soft without causing irritation or redness and it will leave skin smelling good enough to eat.Intimate Waxing includes Brazillian (Landing Strip) and Hollywood (Everything Off)
Eyebrow Waxing
We tailor brows to the individual and may suggest a re-growth programme if necessary.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting
We will tailor  colours dependant on your skin and hair colour to enhance your natural lashes and brows.

A bespoke treatment  from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring and aftercare process. This treatment is totally tailored to you. Our trained brow stylists combine a unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and make up application for brows that suit you.  Whether your wish is to tame bushy brows or a regrow overplucked eyebrows.

Henna Brows
Mina Henna is tested and regulated by U.K. EU Compliance.  A Bespoke treatment, Shape, Colour and Design are tailored to you.  We will custom blend your colour taking into consideration your skin and hair tone.  Henna lasts longer than a standard tint on the hair and can have the look of filling in the brow.  Each result is dependant on the clients skin and aftercare.

A Patch Test is Required at least 48hrs prior to treatment

Party Lash Extensions  
Individual fan lashes are used and secured to your natural lashes to enhance the eye area. Party Lashes can Last Up to 2 Weeks dependant on clients requirements.

A Patch Test is Required at least 48hrs prior to treatmentLVL Lashes
LVL & Lamination ComboGives Lift, Volume & Length to your OWN lashes, NO lash extensions are applied.  Lasts Up to 6 Weeks.  Perfect if you do not like to wear lash extensions but want an open eyed look.

3d Semi Permanent Lashes
Designed to thicken and lengthen your natural eyelashes, 3D Lash Extensions are individual and last up to 2 months depending on the life cycle of your natural lashes, which on average is 90 days. Top Up required every 2 weeks to maintain a fuller look.Made to be identical to natural lashes the 3d lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes.Via a state-of-the-art technique ‘one’ 3d Lash Extension is applied directly to the client’s own lash and repeated until the client has a full set of 3d Lash Extensions creating the illusion of fuller, thicker more defined lashes.

Express 3D Lashes
Lasts up to 2 weeks.  Using the individual extensions but applied by layering on top of your own natural lashes.

A patch test is required a minimum of 24/48 hrs prior to treatment
Our hands do a lot for us and need nurturing in return.

A manicure can improve nail and skin condition. In a professional manicure nails are gently shaped then the nail plate cleaned with either non-drying polish removers or special soaks. Cuticles are massaged to soften and moisturise them. The cuticles should be gently pushed back and trimmed if necessary. Nails are then filed over and are ready for a protective base coat or nail treatment before the polish is applied. After two coats of glossy colour a top coat is painted or sprayed on.

Shellac Manicure
Shellac gives a high shine, non scratch finish to your own natural nail.  It Lasts up to 2 weeks and is available in many colours. It can also be applied over Acrylics to finish your look.

If you’ve never been happy with your own nails, this could be the answer. A perfect set of long nails, beautifully polished, can be yours. Arylics are popular and your nail technician will recommend the best option for you.The treatment should begin with a full consultation taking into account lifestyle, your commitment to maintenance and the state of the natural nail.
We are a fully licensed salon and have Allisun Sunvision beds.

Our beds have
0.3 Compliant and are interspersed with Red LED Skin Therapy tubes.

In 2003 a European Standard on UV radiation levels was introduced which was followed in 2009 with new regulations limiting the amount of UV radiaton permitted in tanning equipment in the UK to no more than 0.3 watts of energy per square metre.

This new UV output limit is recognised as being safe by the government and the regulation is therefore intended to ensure users of tanning equipment are unlikely to over expose themselves to UV and burn.

Please be aware that any person under 18 is not permitted to use beds in Scotland.  Production of I.D. may be required if requested by staff and a tanning questionaire must be completed.

A selection of goggles and creams are available to purchase within the salon.

Spray Tan
Scottish Hair & Beauty Award Winner – Fake Bake Therapist of the Year

In just minutes you can have an amazingly natural looking, long lasting, affordable safe tan with Fake Bake. Fake Bake is a revolutionary tanning system which offers you all the above and more…..Available in 4 Amazing Spray Tan Solutions

Original/Gold/Dark/60 Minute
•Amazing Results Instantly
•Full body treatment in 10 minutes
•To up treatments 5 minutes
•The safe natural looking alternative to sunbathing and solarium tanning
•Works on all skin types, even very pale complexions that have never been able to tan before!
•Fantastic for everyday or for special occasionsIdeal for obtaining a tan before you go on holiday and for maintaining a tanned complexion when you return!
•No more nasty streaks and patches usually associated with self tanning products
•No UV rays and no risk of sunburn
•No SPF’s so sunbathing and solarium compatible.
•Fake Bake cyclone dries as it applies
•Fake Bake uses the latest technology in spray-on tanning
•Affordable, instant, perfect tan from Fake Bake.

Full Body Exfoliation
Prepare your body for summer, parties or just to look and feel great with a full body exfoliation and moisturisation, within the salon.

These products gently exfoliates and softens the skin.  Improves skin texture and clarity.

Excellent preperation for self tanning products.  Especially great for dry, flaky, mature and photo aged skin.  

Ideal for all skin types.
Firstly your therapist will check you feet for any problems that may prevent the treatment being performed such as verucca’s or athletes foot. Your feet are then treated to a relaxing soak. Feet are worked on one at a time, cuticles are softened and the nails shaped.Nails are always filed in one direction only and if cut with nail clippers or scissors they should be cut straight across, to avoid in-grown toe nails.

Cuticles can then be trimmed and feet treated to an invigorating exfoliating scrub to remove the dead skin cells. Any hard skin on the soles of the feet can be sloughed off using a pedicure file or foot rasp. Within the luxury pedicure the lower legs and feet are now gently massaged in an upward direction to reduce the build up of toxins and to reduce water retention. All that remains is to choose a polish!
Stress Management
What is stress? There are two, separate but closely linked, elements to stress – the physical and the psychological.

At the psychological level stress is most simply described as a feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope. This leads to frustration, despondency and a sense of poor self-esteem. This can result in poor work performance and problems with relationships both at work and at home. It is both unpleasant and unproductive.

Stress related problems can reduce business profits by up to 10%. Current estimates suggest that UK employers lose 20 billion pounds from missed deadlines, sick pay and poor performance” The Times Absence from work caused by stress cost British business’s £10.2 billion in 1998″ The Confederation of British Industry survey Stress Management Different for everyone, stress management will not be the same for every individual, because it is based on our ability to tolerate it or deal with it, and that varies enormously.

There is much derived from time spent in the office or regular workplace and people must learn the symptoms and so maybe the relief. Stress is also addictive and whilst some situations may be seen as stressful by most people, their ability to cope may depend on whether they have friends and family to offer support and what other problems they have in their life. But the good news is that it is possible to increase the tolerance that you have for stress and learn coping mechanisms to use when you need to relax. The first key is to recognise stress in yourself and in your colleagues. Acknowledging the problem means that you can begin to deal with it.
It's all about you.
Each treatment is bespoke, whether its Skin, Brows, Make-up or a Holistic Therapy, its all about you.
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