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JL Formulations – Scientifically proven anti-ageing skincare








Four ranges with natural ingredients including:

Glycolic cleansers, rejuvenating skin masks, skin scrubs, SPF 30 with tinted moisturiser, anti-ageing creams and vitamin C serums.

Products not tested on animals

Mini Facial

A 20 minute kick start facial for your skin 

  • Eliminates dead skin cells
  • Softens lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates Collagen
  • Deeply moisturises

Refresh Facialadam & eve wax 1147

Imagine a facial that does exactly as it says in the title, Refresh.  If your skin is lack lustre, dehydrated, showing the signs of ageing this is the facial for you.  45 Mins of Relaxation which includes facial, hand & arm massages plus skin changing formulas.

The Lift

A Facial which includes the most up to date anti-ageing & lifting facial massage, helping to stimulate blood flow and tone your facial muscles whilst the skin changing formulas work to give you a visible youthful glow.

ZEN Facial

This is the Ultimate Sensory Facial.
A facial designed to take your mind on a journey of relaxation.
A facial that not only brings out the best in your skin but combines warm and fresh aromas whilst massaging shoulders, arms, hands, feet & scalp to help you completely unwind
1 and a half hours of Pure Bliss

Glycolic Peels

If you are worryadam & eve wax 1148ing about open pores, aging or acne prone your skin, a Glycolic Peel helps to speed up the exfoliation process.  As you age your skin has a harder time turning over new skin cells, particularly on the face. The regeneration still happens, but at much slower pace than when youre younger.

Glycolic acid works as an exfoliant. Because its highly acidic but is also highly soluble, it goes under the damaged areas of the skin and essentially takes off the top layer of skin. When washed off, it leaves behind smoother skin that is also more youthful looking.

Glycolic acid is also found in many acne treatments. By removing that top layer of skin, the newer (healthier) skin below the acne layer can be revealed, resulting in less oily and acne-prone skin.

The level of acidity is determined by the product used.   We offer 3 Strengths of Glycolic Peels 15%, 30% & 50%.

A course of 6 Treatments are recommended.